Bilingual Resources


ESL Party Land -- An excellent resource for bilingual educators

recommeded by Ms. Anne Hughes, an ESL Teacher from

Monument Charter School. What makes this resource even more

special is that it was found by one of her students. -- A collection of links pertaining to
bilingual education, with resources for educators, teachers, and
parents. -- Lists of bilingual
book sources, reviews, guides, and online digital copies of bilingual
picture books, useful in selecting books.
--  An array of dictionaries, both online and downloadable, including
dictionaries of acronym and language. -- English/Spanish
legal terminology translation matrix, for precise linguistic
equivalency in legalese. -- Lesson plans and
resources for ESL / English / foreign language teachers, including
guides to educational standards.
-- Articles, information, opinion and news relating to bilingual
education. -- Web site for the National Association for
Bilingual Education -- Collection of
links to Internet sites for kids, in Spanish. -- Links to
bilingual education resources, primarily to organizations supporting
or involved in bilingual education. -- Resources specific to
bilingual families -- More links on bilingual
education, including links to organizations (both public and private)
and Internet communities for students and educators. -- A variety of lesson and
educational information for educators & students, broken down by
geographic region and topic. -- All about the Spanish language.  -- Information and dictionary useful in resolving
common doubts and ambiguities concerning the Spanish language.

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