Services Overview

Bilingual Voices offers complete bilingual language services provided by native speakers.

All of our translations are edited by two bilingual editors for quality control, yielding accurate, reliable, and readable materials that take into account the target audience.

Our experience with the various dialects of Spanish allows us to write for all the Spanish-speaking world. Because our work is done by experienced translators who are also accomplished writers, you will notice a qualitative difference.

Specialized English-Spanish Translation Services


Translation of literary works for children and adults, self-help manuals, nonfiction books, textbooks, film scripts, technical and medical materials


Creative writing of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction materials for children and young adults


Copyediting of materials to be published as well as development of textbook, training materials, glossaries and style guides tailored to each project's needs


Layouts and designs for a broad array of uses, vibrant and original book illustrations


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