Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo is an award-winning journalist, writer, and photographer with extensive experience in creative writing, newswriting, copy-editing, and translation. Bilingual from an early age, Adrian is fully immersed in English and Spanish, with experience ranging from writing news on deadline to extended creative projects, including in-depth technical research.

Adrian's work has appeared in newspapers, books, magazines, and the Internet. Adrian has written for a variety of publications including Network World, 2600 Magazine, The American River Current, The Sacramento Express, and others.

Adrian was raised in San Francisco, and has lived in and about the US and abroad, including Washington DC, New York City, Philadelphia, Bogotá, and points in between. He believes in integrating his diverse experiences into his writing, a concept that is reflected in his work. Through writing and photography, he strives to share moments in time, and in so doing to broaden the human experience.

Adrian now resides in Sacramento, CA. He is owned by one cat, slightly used.

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